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Vikings: 5 Things to expect in Season 5

VIKINGS: 5 Things to Expect in Season 5

Courtesy: History Channel

A new season of Vikings has returned, with its amazing cast of characters and plots despite the fact that we’ve lost the great Norse hero – Ragnar Lothbrok and King Ecbert.
The death of King Ragnar Lothbrok had caused a huge mayhem in Kattegat, and all of Scandinavia gathered together to avenge the death of their greatest warrior. Towards the end of season 4 we witnessed King Aelle being Blood Eagled- the highest punishment given by Vikings and King Ecbert also losing his life. This successfully avenged the death of Ragnar Lothbrok.
The season ended with Björn Ironside travelling towards the Mediterranean, while the other sons of Ragnar stayed back in England.

So what can we expect in season 5?  Well these are some things we can expect:

1.    Ivar the boneless taking over leadership from Ubbe.

Courtesy: History                  Ubbe(L) and Ivar(R)
Ivar being completely ruthless and good tactician might take over the leadership from his elder brother Ubbe.
Ivar is a rather terrible person. Unlike his father, who had both dark and light sides, Ivar is almost pure evil. While he can be brilliant like Ragnar, he is never compassionate.

              2.  Flóki discovers new uninhabited lands.

Courtesy: History
Flóki in his spiritual quest goes on a crazy adventure to wherever the gods take him. He possibly reaches an uninhabited land thinking it to be Asgard.
This land is most probably the modern day Iceland. Flóki Vilgerðarson was the first Norseman to deliberately sail to Iceland as per the Landnámabók manuscript.

3.    Ivar vs Bishop Heahmund

Courtesy: History
Heahmund is a devout man, prostrating himself in prayer, devoting himself to the cause of holy war. The craziness of this bishop matches that of Ivar.
So we can witness these two in a big fight, but we all know who will end victorious.

4.    King Harald’s attack on Kattegat

Courtesy: History
King Harald’s desire of ruling the whole of Norway can bring in the out powering of Queen Lagertha .
With Björn Ironside away from her, she has a tough task ahead.

5.    Ivar vs Lagertha.

Courtesy: History
Ivar will surely avenge the death of Aslaug by killing Lagertha. The Seer himself said that Lagertha faces death in the hands of Ragnar’s sons.
But can Björn Ironside save her. Then surely there will be a Civil War.

To watch the trailer of season 5: Trailer

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